Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm Not Pete Rose

I went to Lake Havasu with my old business partner, Roy Allen, this weekend.
While we were out boating with our families, hanging out in the nice cool lake, avoiding the 120 degree heat, he said something pretty interesting.
He said, "You know your problem, Ike? You suffer what most of us suffer from. You are a terrible player-manager."

After I got over my shock, I asked him what he meant by that. He explained that there hasn't been a really good player-manager in baseball since Pete Rose, and even he wasn't all that great. He said that in a services firm, there are players (billers) and there are managers, and you can't be really good at both. You can stink at both, or stink at one, but being good at both is not an option. He explained that someone has to play the game and someone has to watch the players objectively, because only the manager will have good insight on how the game is progressing.

After some thought, I totally agree. And since I find consulting, teaching, and creating solutions so much fun, it looks like I'm going to need a full-time manager for the rest of the staff.

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