Monday, December 12, 2011

Woot Makes Me Think

I got an email from Woot today. At the bottom they had this silly graphic:

I've been minimalizing a lot of stuff in my life lately: Possessions, bills, work, Facebook friends (yeah, I got rid of people I didn't really know and it simplified my Facebook experience.) I'm enjoying freedom from life's unnecessary burdens, and it's freeing up my time so I can focus on the things that really matter to me.

I never thought about freedom from knowledge before, but it really makes sense. Freedom from knowing what other people expect me to know. I don't need to know the meaning of every inside joke. What happens if I never watch the most popular TV shows and I don't get references? Will my life be less meaningful? Will I be less happy? What happens if I stop watching the news? Will my vote count less? Will I be less of an American?

I really don't have the answers to these questions, but the woot monkeys made me think about it. I'll let you know if I land on anything brilliant.

Planning Into Minimalism

I'm on day 2 of my journey into Minimalism. I'm planning. I didn't buy a calendar like they recommend, but instead used Microsoft Outlook. I'm thinking Outlook might be the problem. That software is expensive. I'm planning my digital minimalist life. I have a lot of monthly, quarterly, and yearly fees for digital services, when free ones are just as good or nearly just as good. I think I'll spend my free time during Christmas transitioning to the free services, like using GMail instead of Outlook/Exchange.

I pay for source control, when I could just host it myself for free.

I pay for web hosting from several different companies, but I should consolidate and make my expenses cheaper.

I canceled GOTOMeeting (which I use primarily to remote control computers or show someone my screen), because I can just use mikogo for free.

I'm going to comb over my cell phone bill and cancel unneeded phones and services. My phone bill is typically $330 a month. YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT! I know, I's embarrassing. But I have three sons. Little buggers are expensive.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Must List for the Next 90 Days

I read Day 1 of the journey from The Minimalist Blog. They mention that I need to turn shoulds into musts and I totally agree.

This is who I am for the next 90 days.

I must do P90X first thing in the morning.

I must write 1000 words a day on my book.

I must complete projects for work.

I must listen to podcasts to and from work.

I must be available for my sons for surfing, golf, and bonding time.

I must eat healthy for every meal.

I must not watch TV, HULU, etc.

I must not go on the Internet unless it's to research or write.

I must not hold on to my fucking phone like I'm Gollum and it's the goddamn One Ring.

I must watch a technology video every day.

I must make time for making good friends.