Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Must List for the Next 90 Days

I read Day 1 of the journey from The Minimalist Blog. They mention that I need to turn shoulds into musts and I totally agree.

This is who I am for the next 90 days.

I must do P90X first thing in the morning.

I must write 1000 words a day on my book.

I must complete projects for work.

I must listen to podcasts to and from work.

I must be available for my sons for surfing, golf, and bonding time.

I must eat healthy for every meal.

I must not watch TV, HULU, etc.

I must not go on the Internet unless it's to research or write.

I must not hold on to my fucking phone like I'm Gollum and it's the goddamn One Ring.

I must watch a technology video every day.

I must make time for making good friends.

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