Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TechEd Berlin 2010 - Link to Videos on SQL Azure and SQL Server

I didn't get a chance to go to TechEd Berlin, but I've been watching the videos online. The user interface to the website is not super great. I shouldn't complain too much. I'm super grateful that they posted all the videos from that week online so quickly. By comparison, it will take two weeks to get the SQL Pass 2010 videos online.

Here's where the SQL Azure videos start (page 19 of the video list):

SQL Azure Reporting videos are on page 20:

Here is where the SQL videos start (page 18):

SQL Videos for BI/PowerPivot etc (page 21):

There were a few other presentations that I thought would be interesting to the SQL developer/DBA:
Introduction to PowerShell

SSRS 2008R2 Integration with SharePoint 2010

Creating Self-Service Analytic BI Applications with SharePoint 2010

Code First Development with Entity Framework

Building Business Applications with Visual Studio LightSwitch (which seems to be the MS Access front end for SQL's super cool.)

The Future of C#

Phew, that ought to keep us busy for a long time. Have fun and happy watching!


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