Friday, April 9, 2010

Microsoft OneNote, an Answer to Prayer

Since my business is growing, I find that I'm forgetting more and more things. If it doesn't fit neatly in a todo or a calendar event, I have trouble keeping track of it.

I've been asking people all over what they did to keep track of non-actionable data. Most of them had no answers for me. Beau Merseraeu said that he's using OneNote. I'm well-acquainted with the other Office products, but OneNote always seemed like tablet software to me. I was wrong.

If you read a quote that you want to remember, throw it in OneNote. If you see statistics to help you with a sales presentation....OneNote. I'm using it more and more. It's like having an online journal, but it is organizable, which allows for fast data retrieval. I love it and wish I hadn't wasted so much time not using it.

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