Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Microsoft Lightswitch = Enterprise Microsoft Access

Lynn Langit blogged on Microsoft Lightswitch and that made me go check it out. It's a beta tool for Visual Studio that allows screens and database tables to be created with minimal software development or training.

This reminds me of Microsoft Access in the 1990s. Access made it so easy to create a database, data entry screens, and reports, that tons of lay people were writing custom apps for their own purposes. Because Access would collapse after it had 12 concurrent users, professional developers would need to be hired to port the app to SQL Server.

Lightswitch finally provides all of those great Access features for SQL Server, SQL Azure, and cloud development. I'll post more about it after I've played with it awhile.

Here are some links:

Lynn's Original Post

MSDN Lightswitch Site

Lightswich: 15 Reasons Non-Programmers Should Try It Out

UPDATE: Carl Franklin on .NET Rocks released a podcast on LightSwitch last month.
.NET Rocks Podcast on LightSwitch

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